After shopping around for tubal reversal surgeons, submitting my records to a few different specialists throughout the country, and being shot down by one for sure, possibly a second… I got approval by Dr. Monteith in Raleigh, NC. As of today, my tentative surgery date is April 6, 2018. I will be having a Filshie clip removal and reanastomosis of my tubes. Jarrod and I will be traveling to North Carolina by plane (my first flight EVER!) and staying in a hotel for a couple of nights. The first day there I will have a pre-op appointment. The second day there, I will have the surgery. The third day there I will have my follow-up appointment and we will be able to fly home. Attempts at conception can begin “whenever I feel ready,” according to A Personal Choice website information.

However, Jarrod and I have decided that while we allow my tubes time to heal, he will wait to get his vasectomy reversed until May or June. We still plan to go to the Oklahoma based surgeon for that procedure, likely by car since it’s only about a 7 1/2 hour drive.

This is only day 4 of actually research, submitting forms and paperwork, and phone calls and already we have a lot accomplished. Tomorrow morning I will be going over some more of my medical information with A Personal Choice nurses, and my surgery schedule will be made official. The next steps after that are completing some lab tests, booking airline tickets, booking the hotel, budgeting food and possible light entertainment in Raleigh (maybe dinner and a movie), and finding a way to and from the airports.

Jarrod and I are beyond excited!!! I wanted to have my tubes reversed years ago, but at this point I am VERY glad I never did. I waited for the right man to come into my life to show me what a great dad he already is, and most certainly will be to a child we share. And he said he never really thought about having more babies until he and I got together, and now it’s all he can think about. This future baby of ours is so very lucky to have 2 very adoring parents, who love each other very much and are already established in parenthood and life in general, and also lucky to have 6 big brothers and sisters, and grandparents who are awesome as well.

…Although the siblings and grandparents, other family members and friends (and blog followers) will NEVER know about any of this story until we succeed in getting me pregnant. It’s our little secret.

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