The review I posted for PZAZZ!: My husband and I took our 6 kids this week for a 2-night stay and some entertainment for a small spring break trip. We booked a room with 3 bunk beds and a king bed. The king bed was horrible – hard and extremely uncomfortable. The bunk bed frames were all dirty with gum or food or some other substance stuck all over them. There was one very small bathroom in the room. There was a sliding glass door that opened into Ballocity and NO FRESH AIR. The a/c didn’t work even a little, and our room was easily 25° hotter than the hallway with no way to cool it. The cafes and restaurants were overpriced, as well as everything else in the entire “resort.” The main cafe near the arcade had high prices, and our waitress was awful. Not only did we have a drink spill that no one would give us extra napkins to clean for a good 5 minutes, not only did it take 20 minutes for anyone to even take our order, but then since we have a family of 8, we were automatically charged 18% for gratuity. I have no problem leaving a great tip for those who deserve it, but with service like that, she certainly didn’t deserve even half of what she got. The arcade charges $1 – $1.50 per play, no continues for winning. Lazer Tag is $5/person for 10 minutes of play. Go Karts are $7/person for 10 minutes of play. Ballocity is $10/kid per day, but the kids were bored with it after 20 minutes, and one of my kids got really hurt on a slide. The indoor “pool” was small and designed mostly for toddlers or kids under 10, and was absolutely filthy, with green algae growing not only in the water, but on the walls. We went there to have a couple days of fun and we ended up spending a couple hours the first night, and about 3 hours the next day doing activities, and then we were out of things to do. We came home before staying a second night because not only were we broke and bored already, but we could not stand to sleep in that hot, stuffy and uncomfortable room one more night. We will NOT be returning. The only reason I’m giving this place 2 stars is because we had SOME fun. It just wasn’t worth the trip or the money. We could have done much, much better elsewhere. I recommend anyone else do the same.

Despite the bad review, the kids did have a good time for as long as we could afford to entertain them.

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