Time to make an appointment with my OB to confirm implantation location. I’m on heavy antibiotics for my breast that is NOT pregnancy friendly. I also have an appointment with Dr Kumar at the Center for Infectious Disease in Des Moines on Wednesday. We will find out what I can do for the infection while I’m pregnant.

Besides the complications with my health though, HOW AMAZING!!! Jarrod wasn’t even supposed to be able to get me pregnant yet! His sperm was only heads and no tails at his surgery on May 16th. Apparently they grew tails quickly! I am really hoping this baby is in the right place and “sticky” even through the recovery of my infection. It’s crazy because the day I ovulated I just knew I was pregnant. But I was in denial because we were told by doctors it wasn’t really possible yet. I had a negative test on Wednesday after I got the antibiotics so I started them. But then this morning, there’s the positive!

This is a blessing. Even if this ends up being a tubal or unkeepable in some way, at least we know we are very fully capable of conception.

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