Figuring Out This Infection

Well, I’m definitely pregnant. My hCG level on Monday was 51, and was supposed to double by today. Today my level was 131. Generally tubal pregnancies don’t progress properly, and though I won’t have an ultrasound to confirm for another 10 days or so, I’m fairly certain this is an intrauterine pregnancy. So far it looks like my due date is February 11, 2019.

Also, I saw the infectious disease specialist today, Dr Kumar, and he is able to work around the baby with treatment. He said he would take me off Cipro and keep me on Clarithromycin, and consulted with Dr Coster about opening up the infection to drain it, and keep it from being a proper breeding ground for the bacteria. Dr Kumar said a drain would be installed, but Dr Coster said he just wanted to open it up, leave it open, and let it heal from the inside out. I’m not sure which course of action we are taking yet but I’ll know more Monday.

Dr Kumar wants to keep the medications to a strict minimum at least during the first trimester, and said the surgical opening of the pocket of infection will certainly be my best line of defense at this time, eliminating the gathering and growth of the bacteria, and therefore making it a bit easier to kill what’s already there with minimal medication.

I’m satisfied with this plan, as is my OB, Dr Johnson, Dr Coster, and Dr Kumar. I think I have an excellent team in place, and we will get this taken care of while also helping me grow a healthy baby.

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