Breast Surgery #1

I had my breast surgery today and the pain is unbelievable! I’m laying on the couch after taking 2 hydrocodone and I can’t stop crying. I know the whole hole that was full of fluid has been packed with iodine infused gauze. That may be part of the pain. The drainage has soaked the thick gauze bandage covering the whole thing. And tomorrow morning Dr. Coster is going to pull all the gauze out and repack it. I can’t even imagine how much that is going to hurt. I’m scared.

June 23: It’s healing. I refuse to look at the incision or deal with the wound care at all. Jarrod is doing it all. Dr. Coster’s nurse taught him and my mom how to pack the gauze ribbon inside and bandage… and unbandage and take the ribbon out. When the ribbon is out after being in there for 24 hours it looks like a gross, bloody tapeworm. The purpose of it is to keep the wound open so it can drain and heal from the inside without trapping the infection inside again. Dr. Coster said it would only take 4-5 days before that was no longer needed. I’m looking forward to just being done.

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