The Heartbeat

Jarrod and I heard the baby’s heartbeat yesterday at my 12-week OB appointment. It was the first time Dr. Johnson had used a Doppler. It was a bit of a suspenseful wait as it took a few minutes for him to find the heartbeat. But you could sure hear the baby moving around a lot once he found the right spot. Doc said “you can’t feel that?” And nope, I couldn’t. I should be able to within a couple weeks though. Baby’s heart rate was 160 today. Nice and strong and regular. This kid is growing and strong against so many odds with my heath. It makes me happy, and I hope the little sprout continues on this same healthy track. Next appointment in 4 weeks, we will do a blood test for genetic abnormalities. I’m sure it will come back normal, but considering my age and some of the other circumstances, we want to be safe.

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