Breast Surgery #2

After seeing Dr. Kumar yesterday and Dr. Coster today, I had another surgery today for this breast infection. I had an abscess, and more fluid inside my breast again. So it was reopened, only further, and he “power washed” it all out. He said it’s as clean as it can be. I’m on 2 antibiotics now, higher strength Imipenem through my PICC and double strength Bactrim orally. I was told they’re very strong antibiotics and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t work.

After surgery I asked to have the baby checked on. They used a Doppler and found his heart beat pretty fast. Rate was 155. It was the light of my day.

I really hope this is it. I’m so burnt out on dressing changes, IV meds, being sick, doctors visits, and worrying about what’s next. My summer, Jarrod’s summer, and the kids’ summer wasted away because of it all – our last summer before having the baby. I want so much to be healthy and whole again. I want to feel good and be productive. I want to be the fun, active person I’ve been since I lost weight. I don’t want to have to stay in the house and be boring all the time. I am so very ready to be healthy and put all these health issues behind me.

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