26 Weeks

As I read through some of the discussions in my pregnancy groups here on Facebook, I see so many pregnant moms in awful situations with their baby daddies. Abusive, uncaring, absent, unsupportive. It’s so sad. But it makes me appreciate Jarrod just that much more. He’s amazing anyway, but with this pregnancy he’s very involved. He’s at every appointment and ultrasound. And he is just as excited as I am to learn about the stages of development of our son, to feel him move, and excited to meet him. He’s the best! How did I ever get so lucky?

26 weeks today! Even though baby is only around 2 lbs, he’s feeling heavy to carry around. I’m starting to feel physically tired more easily, and my lower back is starting to hurt. On the plus side, baby is moving all the time. Jarrod feels him almost daily, but only 1 other person has been able to so far. Lol!

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