37 Weeks

37 weeks today. I’m big as a whale and quite uncomfortable. We had a bit of a false alarm this past Friday. I was having regular, painful contractions for around 5 hours, but then they fizzled out. So we’re still waiting. OB appointment tomorrow, and a final ultrasound Wednesday. Jarrod and I have a couple more planned things that don’t include baby, so we will see if we can get them done over the next couple weeks.

January 22: OB appointment was good. No changes. We discussed circumcision, and that’s all. We go back in another week.

In other news, it seems like a lot of the fellow pregnant moms in my pregnancy groups are getting super nervous/anxious for baby to come because they feel like they’re unprepared in one way or another. Jarrod and I are over here feeling fully prepared and just want him to be born already! Lol

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