Busy Week

So much going on this week! For those who care to keep up…

– Evan will finally be coming home from Orchard Place on March 11th (after over 8 months away) and starting back at the high school here. He will be here during the week and at Orchard Place on weekends for a couple weeks for the transition home. We’re hoping it goes well, and I believe it will. But the door is still open for him to go back if we hit any major hiccups.

– Felix was not gaining weight his first 2 weeks, so we had to start supplementing his breast milk with formula to help him gain weight. I must not be able to produce enough milk for him since my breast reduction. But anyway, he had a weight check today and he’s gaining now, so we’re finally on the right track!

– Jarrod is having his long-awaited skin removal surgery later this week. I’m so proud of him for maintaining a healthy weight and being able to pursue a healthy self-image as well. He’s going to look and feel amazing, same as I did after I had the same surgery. So it’s MY turn to take care of him like he has done for me so much over the last year. Keep Jarrod in your thoughts for his surgery and recovery, please.

There is, of course, plenty of other stuff going on, but those are the big points for us right now… I’ll update as things move along.

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