Evan Came Home

After just short of 9 months of inpatient treatment, Evan was discharged from Orchard Place. He was there to receive psychiatric services to help him with his anger and impulse control issues. He was there full-time with the exception of being home some weekends for visits. While he was there he had regular talk therapy, medication management, and plenty of social training and activities. We also had weekly family therapy. For 3 weeks during March, he was home during the week and attending school, while spending weekends in OP. Then on April 2, he discharged and is now home full time.His grades in school have improved dramatically, as has his relationship with myself and the family. He is getting himself up in the mornings now with no prompts or arguments, he is getting himself to and from school. He has decided to start looking for employment to buy himself some of the games and things he wants. He’s been more respectful of adults and peers alike. Im very impressed with his changes, and I have high hopes for his continued success.

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