Tummy Troubles

So the last couple days have been extremely rough with Felix. His “colic” has been unbearably bad this last two evenings. His bouts of it have been lasting six or seven hours at a time of intense, painful screaming. He screams and looks right in my eyes as if to ask me to fix it. He has not been sleeping peacefully in the evenings whatsoever either, doing lots of wiggling and grunting throughout the night, leaving Jarrod and I with about four hours of sleep a night the last couple nights. Of course that means Felix hasn’t been getting the proper rest he needs either.

So today I decided to not accept that he “only has colic,” and decided to take him to the doctor and push a little harder to see if we can get to the root of this little guy’s pain, as Jarrod and I are fed up with seeing him in so much discomfort day after day. The doctor did a blood test and found that Felix has a viral infection, making whatever normal aches and pains he has, much worse.

So we are making a couple of changes to make him more comfortable in general. By doctor’s orders we’re:

• Giving Felix a little Tylenol for the next few days until this virus passes.

• Eliminating garlic, onions, and peppers from my diet. This will be very difficult as I eat garlic daily. But ANYTHING to make him feel better is worth it to me.

• Switching his supplemental formula to an easier one for his system.

Hopefully the diet changes for Felix and I will fix the majority of his “colic,” and once the virus passes he will be a lot happier in general in the evenings.

As for the rest of today, he slept most of it away. The Tylenol helped so very much. He’s been peaceful and resting, exactly like he should be when he’s recovering from a minor illness. I think we’re finally on a good track for this part of his well-being!

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