Felix is 3 Months Old!

Today our big boy Felix is 3 months old! As of a couple days ago, he weighed 13 lbs 2 oz. He’s doing a darn good job of holding his own head up most of the time, and loves to watch all his surroundings. He enjoys kisses and tickles from mom and dad, and playing with his big brothers and sisters. He’s smiling fairly regularly, and has even let out a couple giggles. He is still breastfed, but still has a couple of supplemental bottles throughout each day. We’ve switched to soy formula and I have gone dairy-free, and it seems to have helped the gas pains considerably. He also now has reflux medication that has helped as well. He’s sleeping pretty well at night, but still wakes up every 2-4 hours to eat. This week he came down with his first cold, but seems to be getting over it quickly.

Felix is definitely a shining light in our life. He is such a good-natured and precious boy. He charms everyone he meets. We all love him so very much.

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