Productive Day

We’ve had an extremely productive day. We had Felix’s AEA assessment, and they said he’s doing very well except for things pertaining to sight. Then Jarrod went to work, and Felix and I had a typical morning. When Jarrod went on break, he and Felix and I all went out to lunch with my mom. We discussed the AEA‘s findings. It got me to thinking maybe Felix just needs a brighter environment in which to play.

So later in the day, after he played with his daddy and went with mommy to the farmer’s market, I took him outside on his play mat and let him play – not in direct sunlight – but in the brightness of the sun. He started reaching for dangling toys which he had not previously done. He was very happy to do so. Then, I made sure the kitchen was as bright as I could make it to feed him solids, and he was playing with the bowl and the spoon, along with his food. After that, I gave him a bottle of breast milk, and he held the bottle himself. All of these things are things he did not previously do. Jarrod and are are so impressed and amazed by this young man every day.

Then we went for a walk and he had a nice nap in his Snuggly. Next is bathtime and time to unwind for the day. Tomorrow he will have a developmental specialist appointment and a GI appointment. Good vibes for positive findings and simple solutions!

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