Free Donuts!

A couple weeks ago we got Hostess crunch donuts and they tasted AWFUL, like burnt plastic. So Jarrod called Hostess and let them know. They sent us coupons for free products to replace what was bad.

Jarrod took those coupons to Kwik Star tonight on his way home from work. The person training the lady behind the register decided to charge him $1 a piece for the donuts even though the coupons said up to $2 each. And the donuts were $1.79 each. Rather than argue, Jarrod paid $1 each and came home.

He told me about it, and immediately I decided we weren’t standing for that shit. I took the donuts and the keys and headed back to Kwik Star (in my pajamas). I walked in the door and went straight to the counter with the donuts. I dropped them down on the counter, and the lady tried to ring them up. I said, “Don’t ring those up. I brought them in. My husband was just in here with coupons for free Hostess products and you charged him $1 a piece anyway. THAT’S NOT HOW THAT WORKS. I want our money back AND the coupons back.”

The lady was calm and ok about it, but the guy training her was obviously pretty nervous. He was fumbling around, asking her where things were, his hands shaking. But I got our money and our coupons back. I wasn’t very nice about it, didn’t say thank you. Just walked straight back out the door.

Then I went to Casey’s and got our free donuts as previously attempted. Jarrod was riveted by the story when I got home. lol! No one messes with my man. Just because he doesn’t like to argue or make waves doesn’t mean I’ll allow people to walk on him.

And now we can enjoy our Hostess crunch donuts in peace.

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