Moving Finally Complete!

It finally happened! We got our stuff back! Well, most of it, anyway.

If you haven’t read about our moving disaster, you can do so by clicking HERE.

Some time in late September I got a call from a random freight company. The lady on the other end said she had our load scheduled to get on her next truck headed toward the Midwest, and wanted to know if we were ready and able to receive it. We had plans to be away that weekend, but I said I’d arrange for someone else to be here for the delivery. She wanted me to make sure and call her the next day. When I did, she said there wasn’t room for our stuff after all. It made me angry to be “teased” when I had already accepted we wouldn’t be getting our stuff back, even though I was actively pursuing legal counsel.

Then about a week later the same thing happened. A guy called this time, saying our stuff was already on their truck and they were on their way through Chicago, and that they would be here the next day. I didn’t truly believe it that time, but still arranged my schedule so that I would be home. I let check back in with him to make sure he had the right address, and to make sure he was still on his way.

At about 7pm on October 7th the truck arrived. And the guys brought in our boxes, furniture and belongings! The guys who took the job from Sirius van lines were awesome. I’m so thankful for them. Our house was a complete disaster for about a week as we attempted to unpack, sort, organize and evaluate what was delivered. About 80% of our stuff was delivered. Of that, about 15% of it was broken or badly damaged. And I’d say another 20% was mildly damaged. The things missing were really random. Among them were: Andy’s TV, a hanging glass lamp, kitchen utensils, a few of Felix’s toys, our lawnmower, and most of my clothes.

Felix surrounded by boxes!

However, we’re very thankful to receive back what we did, after 5 months of waiting, and certainty that we’d never see any of it again. It was most important to me to have the sentimentals from when the older kiddos were little.

However, I’m still saying to anyone looking for long distance movers: RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH. Or just do it yourself. There are way too many scammers out there.

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