Thoughts From Being In Public

April 5, 2020

I have two thoughts after just making a large grocery run:

#1 When you are sitting in your car talking to someone over your car speakers, everyone in the parking lot can hear the whole conversation. It doesn’t matter if your windows are up. So if you care about your privacy, perhaps just talk on your phone.

#2 (and more importantly) SOCIAL DISTANCING!!! When the aisles are marked with arrows, follow them. When people are wearing masks after it’s been nationally, medically recommended, don’t treat that person like they are the plague… instead realize by NOT taking precautions, YOU are spreading this virus. Get your heads out of the sand and realize this is REAL! And for crying out loud, don’t let your kids run all over the store screaming and touching everything.


April 7, 2020

A few more thoughts from being out around town today:

  1. Wearing a mask in your yard or car, then taking it off to go into the store is BACKWARDS and doesn’t help you or anyone else. You only need to wear one while in public, around other people.
  2. Wearing gloves is great, if you change them often and don’t handle everything your normally would with them on. When I see delivery drivers driving down the road with gloves on, I wonder how long they’ve had them on. Have they had them on since they left the store? If so, they are spreading just as many germs as they would otherwise. You have to change your gloves between every customer, and every stop. If you are working a drive-through counter, you have to change them between every customer. You cannot just wear the same pair of gloves all day and say that you are being careful. That does no one any good.
  3. Again, with the drive-through windows. Have consideration for walkers that cannot go into the store. My boys and I were in line on foot at Dairy Queen today, and the lady behind us was in a car, and when it was our turn and we went up to the window, she pulled up beside us and called me a rude ass bitch. I’m not sorry it was our turn, wait your turn. Just because you were in a car doesn’t mean you’re going to push us out of the way when it was our turn.

I like that people have good intentions with their masks and gloves, they just need to be educated on how they are effective, and how they are not. it’s also nice to see families outside together, in their yards, and riding bikes together at the parks. I saw many people talking to each other at the park from their proper distance away from each other. So there are some people with good intentions who are catching on. Hopefully everyone else follows suit before it’s too late.