FREE Tubal Reversal Surgery

My tubal ligation reversal surgery experience was outstanding! I’ve written about it before, and I’d like you to read about it if you haven’t already, by clicking

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That being said, the doctor who performed the surgery, Dr. Monteith, has started a great new program that allows 3-4 people per year to have a FREE reversal surgery. There’s an application process, of course. But this guy and his staff are amazing at what they do. To have the opportunity for a free surgery from him is a true gift. Check out all the details by clicking

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Busy Week

So much going on this week! For those who care to keep up…

– Evan will finally be coming home from Orchard Place on March 11th (after over 8 months away) and starting back at the high school here. He will be here during the week and at Orchard Place on weekends for a couple weeks for the transition home. We’re hoping it goes well, and I believe it will. But the door is still open for him to go back if we hit any major hiccups.

– Felix was not gaining weight his first 2 weeks, so we had to start supplementing his breast milk with formula to help him gain weight. I must not be able to produce enough milk for him since my breast reduction. But anyway, he had a weight check today and he’s gaining now, so we’re finally on the right track!

– Jarrod is having his long-awaited skin removal surgery later this week. I’m so proud of him for maintaining a healthy weight and being able to pursue a healthy self-image as well. He’s going to look and feel amazing, same as I did after I had the same surgery. So it’s MY turn to take care of him like he has done for me so much over the last year. Keep Jarrod in your thoughts for his surgery and recovery, please.

There is, of course, plenty of other stuff going on, but those are the big points for us right now… I’ll update as things move along.

Not One

Well, we spent money on things for our open house today for Felix, that had been planned for months, and not even one person showed up. NOT ONE. This is exactly why we ended up cancelling the baby shower a couple months ago. I’m really disappointed and can’t help but take it a little personally. Especially since only 2 people had the courtesy to message and say they couldn’t make it. Yes, it snowed. But Jarrod was able to make it across town to go to the store. Also, he cleared the snow from our driveway and walkways for guests. So I don’t believe for a moment no one else could make it out to make an appearance for our party.

A Baby Boy Is Born!

I had contractions for days. Not simple, easy ones. But ones that hurt. I had so much pressure on my pelvis and on my pubic bone. My hip joints were coming a little dislocated at times. It got to the point where I could not get comfortable no matter what. I had given up on the idea of a VBAC because I didn’t want to go through another week of the same symptoms just to have labor possibly not start on it’s own anyway.

On Monday morning, February 4th, at 9:45 am, Jarrod and I went into see my OB, Dr Johnson for my 39 week appointment. He asked me how I was doing and I told him everything. All the pains, contractions, misery that I felt. We had a c-section scheduled for me on February 12th, and he was about to be out of town until then. So he gave me some options. I could either wait til the scheduled date. I could have the other OB do a c-section later in the week. Or I could opt for a c-section that day. I said the sooner the better, and he said he’d see what we could do, and left the room.

When he returned, he said “how about noon?” Jarrod and I agreed, and headed upstairs to labor and delivery. Jarrod made sure I was settled and ran home to get the stuff we needed and get some last minute things situated. While he was gone, the nurses got my IV started, fetal monitoring done, some paperwork and consents signed, and then it was time.

My mom came to witness the birth, but she wasn’t allowed this time. She tried to plead with the nurses but hospital policy wouldn’t let her be there. So she hung out in our hospital room until we returned with a baby.

Jarrod showed up just in time and came down to the OR with me. He was kept out of the OR until I was prepped and ready. They did my spinal. They prepped my body including shaving and starting a catheter. They got me all scrubbed and draped. And then Jarrod was allowed to come in and sit by my head. Then the c-section began.

It took a few minutes for Dr Johnson to get to my uterus, but when he did he let Jarrod know to take photos. The first thing I heard when they saw him was “oh my, what a big head!”

They lowered the drape so I could see him be born as well. And just like that, Felix Riot was born. It was on February 4th and 12:10pm. He was 9lbs 12oz and 21 1/4 inches long.

The nurse took him and got him all cleaned up and gave him back to me, all swaddled and on my chest.

Jarrod was there, right by my side for every moment of it all. He even stayed in the hospital with us until we were able to go home.

At one point during the post-birth part of the c-section, while I was holding Felix on my chest, I had some very sharp and stabbing chest pains. Enough that I had to hand Felix away. But it passed and all was fine.

Once I was all sewn up and ready to go to my room, we all went up together and got settled. We didn’t welcome guests besides my mom for a few hours.

People who visited in the hospital were all 6 of the teenagers, both our moms, a couple of my family friends and a couple of his family friends.

We ended up staying in the hospital for 3 days due to Felix’s blood sugar and “lazy eating” issues. It was an extremely emotional time for me because I wanted to desperately to breastfeed and he refused to latch. Also, his blood sugar kept dropping below acceptable limits. They gave us a good long couple of days before I finally broke down and allowed formula to be given to him. He had lost over a pound at that point and was clearly dehydrated. It was heartbreaking to me to see him that way. I felt like I was failing him.

However, once we got home, breastfeeding came a little easier. Perhaps it was just the stress of the hospital setting that was causing the issues.

Besides breastfeeding issues, the hospital stay was uneventful and Felix and I came home happy.

There are many, many more photos posted on my Instagram, found in a widget on this blog.

Felix’s hospital photo