Felix’s 1st Birthday Party

Felix had his birthday party on Sunday, February 2nd… 2 days before his birthday.  It was a BEAUTIFUL February day, at 50 degrees!  Finally, a day people were able to show up!  Attendees included me and Jarrod, of course, all 6 of his older siblings, both of his grandmas, Akasha, Vincent, Earl, Amber & Amber, and Nate.  He had a pirate/sea creatures theme going on, with lots of fun decorations, a cake for sharing, and a smash cake just for Felix.  Grandma Connie brought her awesome ham and cheese sliders for guests, and cheesy potatoes.  We also had punch and chips for everyone.

Felix had an awesome day!  He didn’t get grumpy at all despite not being able to have a nap at his usual time.  He REALLY got into his smash cake, and enjoyed every gift he received.  Nearly a week later, he’s still enjoying his new toys.  Jarrod and I consider this party a HUGE success for Felix.  He definitely enjoyed his day and all the attention.

Thank you to everyone who helped make Felix’s big day a memorable one!