I Miss My Husband

I miss my husband. We’ve had the last 2 months together nearly always, every day (until he went back to work). But rarely do we get any time away from Felix. I’m happy with my decision to breastfeed and co-sleep, but I’m feeling very ready to have him stay with a trusted family member so Jarrod and I can have an hour or two alone. Whether we’re at home, out to dinner, or whatever. We really need some one on one time to reconnect and talk about things not kid-related. We went from a lot of time together for the last year and a half, to do whatever we felt like, to no time at all. It’s been a very drastic change. I’m having a really hard time adjusting, and I’m pretty sure Jarrod is too. He and I have such a deep connection, and are so deeply in love. I don’t feel any differently than I did when I first fell in love with him. So it’s been hard to have the distance between us that having a newborn creates.

Once Felix is over this viral infection and well again, we’re going to be working our way up to a night out. I’m sure it wouldn’t take much for Felix to be happy and comfortable with one of our moms. We will start with having him spend an hour or two away from us, and go from there. I know he will grow to love and enjoy visiting his grandmas, and we both certainly want that for him too.

Then Jarrod and I will be able to have our date nights back as well.

I’m in no hurry for Felix to grow up. I love having a cuddly baby to take care of. But it will be nice to have a little more alone time with my husband again once we’re able.