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New Cut

I tried for years to get the right start on dreadlocks. I admired those who had long ones, and always wanted some of my own. In September of 2020, a few months after we moved to NC, I was able to find a local guy to give me a good start. Though my experience wasn’t great on a personal level, his skills were unmatched anywhere else.

Then, in March of 2021 I got human hair extensions added by a different person, a traveling loctician. She made my dreadlock dreams come true. Long, beautiful dreads and I was thrilled with them. Though, I must say, there was admittedly some adjustment to be made. It was hard to drive without my hair getting stuck between me and the seat. It was hard to sleep on “a pile of ropes,” and the weight of them, especially during washing, was crazy! But after a couple of months I was basically used to all of that. It would have been an easier adjustment if I’d just let them grow long on their own.

In May, my hair started to get the slight smell of wet dog. But I had been staying with a friend with several dogs, so I really didn’t think anything of it. However over the next month, the smell got worse and worse, until it wasn’t just a wet dog smell anymore. I asked around in Facebook groups of people who had had dreads for a long time. I took the advice of a few. I did soaks in baking soda. I did ACV rinses. I used different shampoos. I made sure to dry them faster. The smell WOULD NOT improve.

So I made the difficult decision to brush them out. I cut them where the extensions were added and planned to brush from there. I could see when I cut that there was mold in the middle of about 1/3 of the dreads I had. Once I had gotten that far I washed again and was just going to brush out my natural hair. But the knots were so tight and matured that it was next to impossible. Not to mention there was still mold further up into my hair. So I found the new growth at my roots and just cut there. Which left 2-3” of hair left.

I went to a salon and asked them to even out all of my hair to the same length since I’m not skilled at cutting my own hair. Naturally, when my hair is short it all likes to just stick straight up. I looked like a puff ball!! I hate that.

So today I went and got my hair styled. I have basically a mohawk, that will turn into an undercut pixie as it grows out. Of all the different things I’ve done with my hair, I’ve never tried this style. And I actually LOVE it! I’m considering adding some bright colors too, but I haven’t decided yet.

I’m sad to lose the dreadlocks, but this cut feels good too!

My advice for those wanting dreads (and for myself possibly in the future):

• Let them grow out on their own. Extensions really aren’t necessary.

• Dry them either in the sun and wind, or with a blow dryer, not just indoor air dry.

• Don’t use wraps! They hold soooo much more moisture!

Finding The Right Loctician

I spent 12-14 hours over the course of 2 days getting my dreadlocks started back in September. He started new dreads and attached my old ones that I shaved off 3 years prior. The loctician had his shop set up outside in a tall tent with a salon chair, music and desks. I enjoyed the outdoor locale, but the whole while I was in the salon chair listening to the dude’s crazy conspiracy theories, preachy religious talk, and unsolicited life advice… regardless of how many times I tried to steer the discussion toward other things, like family, past jobs, moving from Iowa, or really anything else. I was aware of pricing prior, but I spent a LOT of money to be there and have that experience. I did not enjoy my time spent in his presence.

8 weeks in, the dreads started coming apart. I went to him for maintenance, which I knew would be needed periodically anyway. Maintenance, in his definition, is just tightening up the roots (as to where other locticians I’ve worked with do the whole dread). He charged me extra for crocheting in the loose hairs and fixing some of the separation. This process was also over the course of two days, and listening to more nonsense. This time, being mocked for wearing a mask and being bombarded for hours about political crap regarding the 2020 election I very clearly said I was against from the start of the appointment. He said that problem with the separation of my dreads shouldn’t happen again so long as I don’t use harsh hair ties.

Also I will add, this guy doesn’t bathe much or wash his hands, so my hair smelled STRONG of his body odor by the time he was done with it. A deep washing of my hair was needed after both sessions.

But anyway, my dreads are currently coming apart again, and this time they are coming apart even worse. I’ve been desperate not to go back to him. So I connected with a worldwide group on Facebook of dreadlock lovers. I found one lady in San Antonio that will help me with them, and one that travels the US that will come to me. Even if I took the more expensive route, and paid to fly to San Antonio, paid her fees to do some work to make my dreads better, and flew back, it would STILL cost me quite a bit less than what I’ve paid the local dude. The quality looks comparable. I’m grateful to have found them both.

I’m certainly not going back to him. I’m disappointed in my own vetting skills to find the right person. But at least I learned my lesson. I’m looking forward to meeting the new ladies, and seeing how great we can make the rest of my dreadlock journey. As of right now I have an appointment for the traveling loctician to come to me during the first week of March. I’ll definitely update again after my appointment. ——-

Update: March 5 – I posted a review on his Facebook and Google about my experience. If you’re interested, you can check it out for yourself – just look up Dr. Lockstar in Clayton, NC. It was much more kind than what I’ve posted here, but he became extremely upset. He started hurling insults, saying I was heartless and evil. He made threats to defame and humiliate me, trying to get me to remove or change my review. All I can say is, THANK THE UNIVERSE I found a new loctician before he showed those true colors. That will teach me to be open-minded and work with someone with a criminal past. He made me aware of his sex offender status during our first day, and I tried to look past it, even through my discomfort. The decision to look past red flags has unfortunately bitten me in the ass before, and it’s not a decision I will repeat again.